About Us

Gulf Plus Warranties began in the UAE in 2016. With a vision to deliver par excellence in quality management, GP is known for the highest quality in service. A warranty and claims administration provider in the Gulf that guarantees exclusive catering of customer requirements. Today Gulf Plus Warranties is one of the most profound and trusted successful names in the region.

Brand Promise

Gulf Plus Warranties is a promise to all our customers at their time of need to provide and protect their vehicles. Understanding the value for each of our consumers ensures that GP stands for an assured commitment. We certify that all vehicles cover repair items paid and allows your vehicle to safeguarded by GP. Instead of a wastage of thousands of dollars in auto repairs, GPW can be your preventive measure. It’s our motto and brand promise to protect you and your vehicles and refrain from high costs.

The Real Choice

Gulf Plus Warranties provide a wide range of warranty service plans that entail flexibility for consumers. Our goal is to ease the transition of customization for each of our consumers. We believe that each plan requires the perfect fit. Our priority is your safety and to be the ideal choice.

GP Warranty – What do we do?

Based in the capital of UAE Abu Dhabi Gulf Plus Warranties is experienced in marketing, selling, claim administration, and successful delivery of fully underwritten extended warranty programs. This is based for both new and used motor vehicles. The aim is to expand to provide service contracts, Warranty Audits, Road Side Assistance as well as Mobility Programs. A holistic sphere for our consumer vehicles excelling in perfection, quality, and feasible prices.

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Why Gulf Plus Warranty?

The right warranty will take you a long way

Without GPW

  • The unavoidable collapses can always happen

  • Getting your car to the mechanic is always costly

  • The mechanic may or may not be telling you the truth about “what’s wrong”

  • Negotiations between both parties happen ( you and the mechanic)

  • It becomes an investment of thousands of dollars

  • Your left with the thought that you either “paid too much” or “timelines” of when you will be on the road again.

With GPW

  • Choose the best plan that suits your needs: We have a range of plans for your to choose from. Our goal is to ensure that the option provided to our consumers is perfect.

  • Be confident: to be able to cruise through roads with utmost confidence and assurance. GPW is the best vehicle protection plan that is available for all. We want you to know and believe that we are here to protect you and guide you whenever you need.

  • Enjoy the Perks: GPW is the only elite extended warranty program that delivers further perks.

  • We take care of the inevitable: Irrespective of how perfectly conditioned your car is things can always take a “U-turn”. With us, we are your safeguard forever. We are here to assist you whenever you need us during uncertain situations

  • We got you: GPW conducts from all major to minor activities that “got your back”. You can be carefree and leave it all to us.

  • Information Systems
  • Experienced Warranty provider
  • Fully underwritten product
  • Flexible coverage
  • Familiar with start-up operations
  • Industry Qualified Staff
  • Dedicated Program Management Team
  • Skilled Claims Administration
  • Customer Care ethos
  • Experienced Warranty provider
  • Retains links with Warranty Holdings – UK
  • Successful track record