Gulf Plus Warranties: Complete solution to your Chevrolet warranty packages in UAE.

Chevrolet is one of the most popular, safer and affordable brands and they come with manufacturer warranty plans that cover both workmanship and parts that guarantee you complete peace of mind. What happens when your manufacturer warranty ends? Once the warranty ends you need to face the hefty unexpected repair bills and make your car maintenance tougher. You can avoid these situations by purchasing our Chevrolet extended warranty packages which provide the same coverage as the manufacturer one at an affordable price so you can be free of the hefty repair bills and feel confident on roads with the proper protection to your cars.

Key Benefits of our Chevrolet extended warranty packages

The additional perks that you get along with the Gulf Plus Chevrolet extended warranty packages are roadside assistance, specifically tailored plans to meet your vehicle requirements, affordable prices, committed service provided by the experts in our trusted service centers, and easy claims process. Our Chevrolet warranty packages offer coverage to certain important parts like engine, transmission, Air conditioning system, brake and certain other minor parts. In all the way our warranty packages are found to be more affordable than the dealership one and provide you with the maximum coverage.Having Gulf Plus warranty packages with you for your Chevrolet maintenance you can save thousands of money spent on auto repairs.

Why Gulf Plus for your Chevrolet protection?

Whatever may be the model of Chevrolet you hold and based on the age and the mileage covered by the vehicle talk to our warranty advisor and find the best packages that meet your requirements. Next time as you look for the best Chevrolet warranty provider in the UAE, choose Gulf Plus. We are the perfect partner to your hard-earned investment.

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