Get your Lamborghini protected by the best warranty provider in UAE

Lamborghinis are one of the best luxury cars, and based on usage, they do need some repairs as the years pass. That is the reason you should choose the warranty packages from Gulf Plus which will keep you free from unexpected repair bills and give long term protection to your car with a greater level of comfort. The highly customized Gulf Plus warranties Lamborghini car warranty packages and service contract provides better coverage over both the repair and replacement works. Our goal is to save your money on repairs and provide the quality service and repair works in quick and easy way

Extend the lifespan of your Lamborghini with Gulf Plus Warranties Car warranty packages

After your manufacturer warranty ends, spending huge amounts of money frequently will make your maintenance tough. Our Gulf Plus warranties packages will offer you long term protection and ensure your safety, comfort and peace of mind. Our Lamborghini extended warranty provides coverage to most of the important parts of the car like engine, transmission, front/ rear wheel drive and certain other mechanical and electrical systems of the car. The best part of our Lamborghini extended warranty packages lies in the fact that your vehicles can be serviced by certified Lamborghini technicians at our service centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi if you are interested on the same day itself.

How to reach us to know about the Gulf Plus Warranties Lamborghini extended warranty packages?

If you are constantly looking for the best warranty packages and service contracts for Lamborghini maintenance and wanted to reach us to know more details, contact us at +971542 508 099 or send us an email at