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Lexus are engineered and designed in a way that they exhibit their peak performance for a long time. Our comprehensive car warranty packages provide a huge range of coverage to your vehicle and keep you in peace of mind. Even though the Lexus is known for their stability, they face some problems as they run after certain years and by that time your manufacturer warranty packages would have been completed. After this, you need to face costly repair bills. Instead, you can tie up with a trusted warranty provider like Gulf and make use of its reliable warranty packages and service contract to protect your car.

Why choose Lexus extended warranty packages from Gulf Plus?

The Lexus extended warranty packages provide you with the greater benefits and are affordable based on the, Level of coverage you expect for your vehicle The plans are tailored based on the age, miles and model of your vehicle Lexus high performance engines and luxurious interiors are made up of costly components. Any repair or replacement in them would make you suffer from hefty repair bills. In this case, your extended warranty plans would provide greater support and will keep you free from spending more. The other key advantages of our Gulf Plus warranty packages is that they can be purchased during any stages of your vehicle with more coverage level and you can get the repair works done from the certified repair specialists at a reasonable price.

How to approach Gulf Plus Warranties, UAE?

We do offer warranty packages for both the new and the pre-owned car at the most affordable price and with greater trust that you cannot expect anywhere. Get in touch with our warranty advisor about the condition of your vehicle and get the instant quote for the packages you choose and feel relaxed about the huge repair bills so that you can enjoy your rides on the roads with the supercar.

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