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Your car deserves the best – that is what we at Gulf Plus Warranties think as well! We know how hard it is to find the most premium and impeccable car warranty and repair services at price points that are simply unbelievable. It is for this reason that we make it possible for our clients to acquire cost-effective yet comprehensive Mitsubishi used car warranty to cover any and all unforeseen repair expenses, alongside regular servicing and maintenance.

At Gulf Plus Group, we do not want you worrying about these money issues and auto repair problems, which is why we offer the most exclusive range of Mitsubishi extended warranty packages to ensure that you have all the support that you need during your hour of need.

We Provide Exclusive Mitsubishi Car Warranty On Both New And Used Motor Vehicles

As a leading Warranty and Claims Administration provider with an excellent reputation across the UAE, our aim is to provide a safety net for your vehicle to cover all electrical and mechanical repairs along with any parts that might need to be replaced. Whether you have purchased a new car without manufacturer warranty or wish to purchase a Mitsubishi used car warranty, we are here to help you out.

Receive Quality Services At Our In-House Repair Centers

The warranty service plans offered by Gulf Plus Warranties allow maximum flexibility for our clients to choose what they need, that too without having to break the bank. Our in-house repair facilities feature Franchised Dealer technology and technicians, and most repair work is completed the same day, thereby reducing stress and inconvenience for you.

Our repair facilities are available across United Arab Emirates, where we service our clients’ vehicles while adhering to local values that are paired with European management and experience. Our Mitsubishi warranty for used cars even includes parts which often go wrong but are not covered by other providers. This includes the clutch cover, drive plate, release bearing, brake discs, and brake drums.

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