Premium long term protection for your Tesla from Gulf Plus

Tesla cars are one of the most high performance cars. Whatever may be the model you hold it may be model S, model X, model Y or model 3 you need to spend some money to keep them in good condition and to keep up their performance. This would be easy until the manufacturer’s warranty period. Once the manufacturer warranty ends and you start facing sudden unexpected breakdowns and repairs you need to spend a lot out of your pockets. These kinds of situations can be made easy with extended warranty packages from trusted providers like Gulf Plus.

Give the best for your Car: Gulf Plus Warranties, UAE

Our warranty packages are specifically tailored for the Tesla community, so when you have the best warranty packages from the Gulf Plus for your Tesla, you can drive without the fear of auto repair costs in the upcoming years. We provide customized warranty packages for both the new and the used Tesla vehicles with certain other perks like roadside assistance to provide you greater support during breakdown. Highly previsioned vehicles like Tesla do not face huge repairs often but they do face minimal repairs that need hefty charges to repair them. In that case, our warranty packages provide maximum support with better coverage.

How to reach us to know about the Gulf Plus Tesla extended warranty packages?

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