Do you offer warranty plans for all makes and models of vehicles?

Yes, we do offer warranty plans for all make and model cars despite the mileage covered by it at competitive pricing.

What is the process for getting a car warranty?

You can either visit us directly or contact us by calling us at 971 542 508 099 or drop us an email at to get our instant car warranty quote by mentioning the make, model and mileage covered by the vehicle.

How do I file a claim during the car warranty period?

Once you file a claim by contacting us during the warranty period, your car condition will be analyzed and if the repairs or replacement comes under the coverage level of the plan then the claims would be made immediately.

How do I choose a car warranty service provider?

While choosing a car warranty provider check certain things like their customer support, pricing, claim process, reputation, claim settlement ratio, warranty transferability and many other factors.

Which are the best car warranty companies in the UAE?

There are numerous independent car warranty companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and we Gulf Plus Warranties have become trusted car warranty providers among the public with a good claim settlement ratio in the past by offering the most comprehensive auto warranty coverage at nominal prices.

Where can I get car warranties in the UAE?

You can purchase car warranty packages either from dealerships or from third-party car warranty companies. We Gulf Plus Warranties being the leading car warranty company in the UAE offering customized used car warranties, new car warranties and extended warranty plans for all make and models.

How much does the car warranty plan in the UAE cost?

The cost of the car warranty plans differs based on the make and model of the car, the mileage covered by it, the coverage level and the length you choose. We offer customized auto warranty plans at the most competitive prices with the instant claims process in the UAE.

How do I get my car repairs done under warranty?

If you experience any sudden electrical or mechanical components issues in your car during the warranty period, then contact the warranty advisor if the repairs or the replacement needed comes under the coverage level of the warranty plans you purchased then the claims would be authorized and the repairs can be done at our in house service centers in the UAE

What is included in the car warranty plans? Are there any additional perks?

Our car warranty plans extend their coverage over some of the important powertrain and a few other expensive components of the car so that you do not worry about the expensive repair bills or the rising repair costs. With us, the extended car warranty packages can be tailored based on the condition of the vehicle and the budget. You can also get to enjoy additional perks like recovery support along with the car warranty plans.