Even though you purchase a brand-new car from the showroom, you could have heard people insisting you purchase a new car warranty to stay away from the expensive repair bills.

Yes, investing in the new car warranties is highly beneficial. Though your car is new and has a good reliability score there is a high chance that you might end up having the major repairs on the expensive components.

So having a new car warranty will safeguard your vehicle in many ways. In this blog, we have listed out a few things that make the new car warranty purchase important for every car driver.


Financial Protection

Generally new car warranty whether purchased from the manufacturer or third-party car warranty companies provides greater financial security by covering the cost of repairs and replacements for specified components based on the coverage level of your warranty plans. This enhanced protection for your new car ensures greater financial protection to you by shielding your vehicle maintenance or repair expenses.

Peace of mind

Though you drive a new car, there will be constant thoughts running into your mind about the breakdowns and you would be worried about unwanted repair expenses. With the best comprehensive new car warranty by your side, you can stay at peace with the thought that when something unexpected occurs, your warranty will come into action and save you from out-of-pocket expenses.

So unwanted stress and anxiety are greatly reduced.

You would take up regular maintenance

When you have a warranty for the new car you need to take up regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and others regularly as stated by the manufacturer to keep your warranty plans valid.

This would help you save money indirectly as your vehicle is well-maintained and free of repairs.

Higher resale value

If you are planning to resell your new car on the secondary market after some years, remember that potential buyers show interest in purchasing only the car that has warranty protection. So, either you are planning to keep the car for a longer period or resale it in the secondary market and switch over to the next having the new car warranty is highly beneficial.

Service/repair quality assurance

When you have the new car warranty, you will automatically get the service and repair done for your car only at the network of service centers authorized by your car warranty provider. So your car will automatically receive the best possible care that it deserves from the expert team.

So, the reliability and the condition of your vehicle will always be protected.


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