Can I get my car serviced or repairs done at a workshop that is not affiliated with the current warranty provider?

It is your primary objective to keep the car new and ensure smooth performance for as long as possible after you purchase it. Maintaining your car at its best requires some investment. After your manufacturer’s safety warranty expires, extended warranty packages save you from huge repair bills.

Whether it may be a factory warranty or the extended warranty period we would have some constant questions running in our mind like whether the warranty plan would be voided if we get the service, repair, or replacements done at any of the workshops that do not come under the list of service centers that your warranty companies have provided.

Getting the repair work done at the unauthorized service centers by your warranty provider is not always encouraged. So make sure in choosing the car service center before getting the repairs and replacement done and discuss your warranty plans with them.

If you want to know more about your choices of places to get regular routine maintenance or services for your vehicle, read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of your warranty company. Wherever you get the services done for your vehicle as per the interval given by the manufacturer keep the service history proof in hand this would be highly helpful.

Choose the warranty company that has a wide network of service centers across the UAE

You can purchase the car warranty plans either from the dealerships or the third-party car warranty companies but while finalizing the provider make sure you choose the one that has the network of a well-established service center that is specialized in the make and model of the car you hold so that you can get in contact with them at ease when any mishaps occur.

If the service center that comes under the network of your warranty company is near you, whether it may be service, repair, or replacement you do not worry about it.

The various other reason that could make your warranty voided or lead to claim rejection are listed below,

  • Even after the dashboard warning lights appear, you continue to use your vehicle without getting repairs or replacements done.
  • Driving your vehicle despite obvious electrical or mechanical failures without consulting a certified mechanic
  • Failure to perform routine service as specified by the manufacturer may lead to a claim rejection.
  • If you do the repairs without the warranty company’s approval, use non-manufacturer parts, or modify your car and the repairs associated with it, you may be denied the claim.
  • Your claim may be rejected if you use the wrong fluids or fuels in your car.
  • Altered odometer readings can also cause the claim rejection
  • A claim will be rejected if you do not follow your warranty company’s claim procedure properly.

If you suspect that your car warranty claims are rejected without any reason, it is always important to talk with your warranty companies about it and get the proper reason for denial in the form of a written report.

Trusted car warranty company in the UAE with well established in house service center

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