How to make a claim on your extended car warranty plans?

If any of the electrical or mechanical components in your car fails or repaired during the extended car warranty period you need to claim, in order to sort the issues without any financial burden. Car warranty companies have different ways of handling claims, so you should inquire about how the claims work with the car warranty company you choose before finalizing it.

Purchasing warranty packages with better coverage alone is not enough. The real benefit that you receive from the extended warranty plans lies in the claim approval.

If you are opting for the independent car warranty provider make sure they have a good claim settlement ratio in the past and offer the quick claims.

So in this blog, we shall look at certain important facts when it comes to claim administration in extended car warranty plans.

Report mechanical issues to the concerned and make warranty claims as soon as possible

If you are unsure about the mechanical or electrical issues you are facing, contact the mechanic to diagnose the problem.

As soon as you get to know about the repairs with your car and if that comes under the coverage level of your warranty plan, get in touch with the warranty provider or the authorized service center where you can get the repairs done and try to initiate the claims process immediately.

But before initiating the claims double check your fine print to make sure whether the component facing the repair or needs replacement comes under the warranty coverage.

Wait for the claims to get acknowledged

After filing the claim, wait until the claims get approved to begin the repair or replacement work in your car. Getting the repair or replacement work on your car without the proper authorization from the warranty administrator may lead to claim rejection. So patience is the key.

Provide all the documentation needed

Providing all the documents regarding your vehicle maintenance and regular service history will increase the chance of your claim approval. So having track of your service records is highly essential throughout the warranty period.

Get the reason for claims denial

Unfortunately, if your claims have been rejected talk to the provider and get to know about the reason for the claim rejection. So that you could be aware of it and will help to make further decisions.

What are the two things that you should do if your extended car warranty claims are rejected?

  • Recheck the fine print to make sure whether the repairs are covered or not.
  • Get the reason for the claim rejection from your warranty administrator in written format.

What are the important reasons for the car warranty claim rejection?

  • Not getting the proper maintenance for your vehicle as per the manufacturer guidelines
  • Beginning of the repairs without the proper approval of the warranty provider
  • Having improper knowledge about the coverage level and the exclusion and making the inappropriate claims

What is the waiting period for the extended car warranty plans?

If you are purchasing the extended warranty for your car then you have to wait for a certain period to get the coverage or protection to begin. During this waiting period, you cannot make your claim if any mishaps occur.

Make sure the warranty provider you choose offers extended car warranty plans with a very less waiting period.

Depending on the warranty provider you choose, there may also be deductibles associated with any claims that you make. So make sure your warranty companies always demand lower deductibles.

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