Having a new car warranty provides coverage over the important components in the car and ensures a hassle-free ownership experience while retaining the resale value of your vehicle. Further having new car warranties reduces unexpected maintenance expenses.

As vehicle owners, our job does not end with purchasing a new car warranty. We also need to do certain things to keep the warranty valid and avoid claim rejection. Certain things that we do due to negligence can invalidate your new car warranties.

In this blog, we shall discuss certain things that may make the car warranty void

Performing unauthorized modifications may void your car warranties

Performing unauthorized modifications can void your car warranties because these alterations can compromise the vehicle’s safety, performance, and reliability. And if any issues arise immediately after modification of the components, it gives confusion to the warranty provider that it is due to the modification performed or manufacturing defect, so the new car warranty may get voided in most cases.

If you are doing the modification to the electrical systems in your car like installing the music system or any other, be careful and conscious about it because unauthorized modifications are not good for your warranty to be intact.

Neglecting maintenance is the most important reason

Every car has its maintenance schedule mentioned in its owner manual, so it is essential to strictly adhere to it and get it done at the network of service centers approved by your warranty provider.

Failing to follow recommended maintenance schedules and service requirements or carrying it out in unauthorized garages may lead you to lose your car warranty.

Apart from getting the regular maintenance done, it is important to have the service records and other documents handy while contacting your warranty provider for making claims to avoid rejection.

Never misuse your vehicle 

Using the vehicle for racing, overloading, or any activity that goes beyond its intended use is called misuse and may make you lose your car warranty.

Engaging in tampering, replacing, or disconnecting the odometer may void your car warranties. If your warranty provider finds inconsistency in your mileage limits by comparing them with the previous service records, claim rejection may occur.

Documentation is must

Not keeping records of maintenance, repairs, and service history can lead to claim rejection as already discussed. So try to keep every small record of your car including the repairs and authorized modifications performed.

Environmental damages are not covered by car warranties 

Exposing the car to extreme conditions or natural disasters without proper protection and the damages caused due to it may void your car warranty.

The damages caused due to natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, and floods are not taken responsibility by the warranty provider.

3 Things that every car owner must do to keep their car warranty valid

So try to follow the regular maintenance schedule and keep perfect records of it, this would help you to ensure your vehicle’s longevity and safeguard your warranty coverage while making you enjoy responsible ownership.

While getting the service or repairs done, use only the manufacturer-approved parts, fluids, and accessories for repairs and replacements. 


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