Checklist to purchase the extended warranty for used cars at the best price

If you are having a used car, then you would consider purchasing the extended warranty for used cars. So here we can look into some of the tips to get the extended warranty plans for your used cars at the best price.

Though purchasing the extended warranties for your used car would provide you with complete peace of mind and give better shielding for your vehicle, getting it at the best price is always important.

If you are having a used car, purchasing the extended warranty is recommendable because the vehicle needs more repairs and replacements as it gets older. Especially if you are holding a certified pre-owned luxury vehicle then the parts and the repairs on it would be more expensive than you think.

How to get a better deal on warranties for used cars?

Purchase an extended warranty for your used cars when the factory warranty is about to expire and only a few months or miles remain in the coverage period. This would give you more time to do research, shop around and compare prices. By this, you could easily understand the condition of your vehicle and its maintenance cost which would help you to make the smarter purchase.

Try to get a quote from two or more reputable car warranty companies around you by stating the make, model and mileage covered by the vehicle and compare it to opt for the better one. This should be done not only for purchasing the extended warranty plans for the used cars but also for all the other kinds of protection plans for your car.

First understand what is the level of coverage you need for your used car, since the different provider offers different levels of coverage option this would help you to choose the one that you need without landing on the exaggerated warranty plans that would cost hefty.

It is also good to remember that the car warranty company that offers all the necessary information upfront and maintains good transparency would offer the best extended car warranty plans in the market ensuring better protection for your vehicle.

Though you are looking for an extended warranty for the used car, never forget to pay attention to the reliability of the vehicle and enquire about the deductibles for the car warranty plans that you choose.

What makes GP Warranty an ideal choice for the purchase of extended warranty plans for used cars?

You don’t need to purchase the warranty plans for your car only from the dealerships, you can also purchase it from third-party warranty companies. But make sure they offer better protection to your vehicle at the most competitive prices and provide you with complete peace of mind on the roads.

If you can afford the repairs and replacement on your own, then purchasing the extended warranty packages for the used cars is not mandatory but remember with the rising repair costs this could cause additional financial burden to you if you plan to keep the car for a longer time.

In Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Gulf Plus Warranties is a great choice for purchasing new and used car warranties as they strive to meet their commitment in providing tailored warranty plans with a wide range of flexible options and the best-in-class service at their in house service centers. With us, you can expect everything like,

  • Simple and transparent coverage for your new and used cars
  • Easy access, 24/7 roadside assistance and towing support
  • Lower deductibles and there is not much waiting period
  • The simple and instant claims process
  • Warranty plans are readily available for all make and model despite the mileage

Schedule your appointment today, to talk with our warranty advisor about purchasing the better protection plans for your car at the best prices.