An extended warranty helps you to stay away from expensive repair bills and stay at peace on the roads without having to worry about unexpected electrical or mechanical breakdowns since most of the components are covered under an extended car warranty.

In this blog, we have listed out a few questions that you must be aware of during the extended car warranty purchase in the UAE. If you are looking to purchase extended car warranties in the UAE, enquire about all the following questions to your car warranty provider.

What is the coverage type of the particular extended car warranties that you choose?

The warranty plans that you choose may have powertrain coverage, comprehensive coverage, or bumper-to-bumper coverage. So analyze properly and choose the plans accordingly.

If you are planning to purchase an extended warranty for your car, choose the more extensive coverage. Make sure the extended car warranties that you choose have extensive coverage at competitive pricing.

For the coverage they provide, is the cost reasonable?

Ensure you understand the total cost, including any deductibles. Take time to double-check whether the cost is equal to the coverage that you receive. Some warranties require you to pay a deductible for each repair visit. Higher deductibles may sometimes not be beneficial for you, so analyze them properly before purchasing.

Are there any exclusions with the extended warranty plans you choose?

Carefully read the terms and conditions to understand what is covered and what is not covered by the extended car warranty plans that you choose. Usually, the things that are excluded from the extended car warranty plans include routine maintenance, wear-and-tear items, and pre-existing conditions.

How is the claims process?

Have a deep understanding of the claims process. Enquire clearly whether the warranty provider pays the repair shop directly or reimburses you after the payment. Mostly choose the warranty provider that does not allow you to pay out from the pockets.

Where can I get the repairs done?

Some warranties may have restrictions on where you can have repairs, services, or replacements done. So make sure your car warranty provider has a good network of repair facilities.

Is the car warranty transferable?

Check if the warranty is transferable to a new owner if you decide to sell your car in the secondary market. Having transferable car warranties adds value to your vehicle.

Are there any vehicle age limits or mileage restrictions available for the plans you choose?

Some extended warranties have restrictions based on the age and mileage of the vehicle. Getting inspected about the vehicle’s age and mileage limits helps you to stay in the safer zone while getting maximum benefits from the warranty plans.

Are there any other reliable car warranty providers in your locality?

Look into the reputation and financial stability of the various warranty providers in your locality. It is always important to choose a reputable warranty company to avoid potential issues in the future when it comes to filing or processing claims.

Is the reviews & testimonials good for the particular warranty company that you choose?

Read reviews from other consumers who have purchased extended warranties from the same provider to get an idea of their experiences. Reading reviews and analyzing the reputation helps you to make an informed decision.

Remember thoroughly to understand the terms and conditions of any extended car warranty before making a purchase decision. When in doubt, consult with a trusted mechanic or financial advisor for guidance.


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