If you research about it or discuss with your service advisor regarding protecting your car from the rising repair costs and the ways to avoid paying out of the pockets for every repair. The immediate answer would be to purchase an extended car warranty plans.

Since the advantages outweigh the cons associated with the extended car warranty plan, purchasing it, is one of the finest decisions to protect your car if you are planning to keep it for a longer period of time.

Constant increase in the price of replacement spare parts

When your car faces any electrical or mechanical breakdown or when the issues and damages are major, replacement is needed. But in recent years, the costs of the genuine spare parts for the replacement went high, including the labor costs.

Just imagine how much you need to spend to repair or replace the transmission system in your car. So to avoid this unwanted stress towards the hefty repair bills, purchasing extended warranty plans for your car is considered wise

The extended car warranty plans are not fully measured while your car is under the manufacturer’s warranty, but the real value of the extended car warranty plans comes into play after the factory warranty period has expired.

What are the reasons behind the constant increase in repair costs?

Cars in the modern days are becoming more complicated with the advanced electrical and mechanical systems along with the advanced software involved in them, Which needs extreme care, modern equipment and highly skilled technicians to keep them in the perfect state.

Which ultimately increases their repair, replacement and maintenance costs. Whether it may be the new or used cars, hefty repair bills are going to empty your pockets, so choose the best extended car warranty plans that suit all your car requirements at the earliest to lower your annual maintenance costs.

Apart from this, the lifespan of the car has increased to several years, this is good when considered in terms of sustainability, but as the cars get older due to the wear and tear frequent trips are needed to the service centers to get the repairs or replacements done.

When purchasing extended warranty packages, one should keep three things in mind to lower the cost

  • Although the extended car warranty plans can be purchased at any point of time, the best thing is to purchase it before the expiration of the factory warranty, this is because the price of the extended warranty packages increases as the car gets older.
  • Prices of the extended warranty plans can differ among the providers and the coverage level you choose. As the coverage increases, the price of the extended warranty plans also increases. So carefully analyze the requirements of your car and choose the coverage options that suit your requirements. Get the extended car warranty quote from two or more providers and compare it before making the final decision.
  • Pay attention to the claims process, some companies pay the amount directly to the repair shop where in some cases, you need to pay out of your pockets and wait for the reimbursement. Some shops may require a deductible amount for each repair done. Beware!

What are the factors that decide the success and benefit level of my extended warranty packages?

The warranty provider you choose, the customer support section with your provider, coverage level, cost and the claims process determines how beneficial your car extended warranty packages are in the future.

With Gulf Plus warranties, one of the leading car warranty company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, the customized extended car warranty plans can be purchased based on your needs and requirements with the instant claims process so that you no need to pay out from your pockets at the quoted price without any hidden costs.

What are the mistakes which people commonly make while purchasing extended car warranty packages?

Purchasing the extended warranty packages for your car without having proper knowledge will increase the chance of not being used and cause a waste of money.

  • People commonly purchase extended warranty plans with the wrong coverage which does not match the requirement of their car and regret in future.
  • Never purchase the extended car warranty plans only because the price is low, compare the coverage level and price and decide whether it is worth it.
  • Purchasing without proper research about the provider and the terms and conditions of the policy is one of the major mistakes which people commonly make while purchasing extended warranty plans in haste.

At Gulf Plus Warranties, our warranty advisor will completely analyze the condition of your car and suggest the best extended car warranty plans that would be profitable to you in all possible ways, so that you will not regret it in the future.

If you are looking for the best customized extended car warranty packages in Dubai & Abu Dhabi with an easy claims process at the most competitive prices, then Gulf Plus warranties is a perfect choice.