How to save money on car repairs? Is extended car warranties beneficial?

How much do we spend on car maintenance each year? The amount that we would spend constantly increases every year with the rising repair costs. So having the warranty packages for your car is the smarter choice.

Repair & replacement costs are constantly raising leaving your vehicle maintenance harder than before. There are various reasons behind the increase in car repairs charges, some are listed below,

  • Charges paid for the qualified mechanics are higher when compared to past
  • Cars have become more advanced nowadays & require modern diagnostic tools to deal with it which may also be the reason behind the rising repair costs.
  • The cost of the genuine spare parts needed in case of replacement is also high.
With extended warranty packages, we can be stress-free without the fear of rising repair costs in the future when repairs or replacements are needed for the car.

How to save money on car repairs?

There are many ways to save money on car repairs. Some of them are,

  • Getting the regular maintenance done for your car to avoid major repairs
  • Ensure that the car service center and warranty company you choose are reputable
  • Purchase the make and model of the vehicle that is highly reliable and durable.
  • Opting for customized extended warranty plans based on the condition of your vehicle will save a huge amount of money on repairs.

How does the extended car warranty package help to save money on car repairs?

An extended car warranty package covers repairs or replacements after the factory warranty expires for large-scale issues or replacements that occur in a specific period or number of miles.

Nowadays purchasing extended car warranty packages is quite easy because you can purchase it either from the dealerships or from third-party warranty providers. The cost of the extended car warranty packages depends on various factors like age, make, model and the mileage covered by the vehicle.

Purchasing the extended car warranty packages is not mandatory, it is one’s own decision based on the condition of the vehicle. So one should think about the pros and cons of purchasing the extended car warranty packages and make decisions accordingly.

Covering costly repairs with extended warranties would save you a huge sum of money

In some cases, repairing or replacing certain important components of a car would be more expensive compared to the amount you spend on purchasing the extended car warranty packages.

Nowadays, modern cars are equipped with expensive computerized, electrical, and mechanical systems. So having the extended car warranty packages will save you from financial stress on vehicle maintenance.

Extended car warranties cover the important components of your car like engine, transmission, differential, steering system, suspension, engine cooling system, air conditioning, fuel system, brakes and many more. Though the coverage level may differ with the plans, make sure the plans you choose provide the perfect protection to the important components.

Extended car warranty packages are highly beneficial when it comes to a used car or certified pre-owned vehicles

As the car ages, it becomes more prone to repairs and malfunctions and you need to make frequent trips to the service centers to get them sorted out. This would ultimately increase your annual maintenance budget. In such cases purchasing the used car extended warranty packages from the third party warranty companies that are customized based on the condition of your vehicle would be highly beneficial.

If you wish to keep your car in good condition for a long time without burning your pockets then there is no other better solution than the extended car warranty packages.

If you are holding a luxury car or sports car, then an extended car warranty is worthwhile

The repair and replacement charges of luxury vehicles are high when compared to others. In such cases managing it without the warranty is a headache. The cost of the genuine spare parts needed for luxury vehicles is also expensive so it is good to invest in warranty packages.

There are certain ways that you can save money on extended car warranty packages if you plan to buy them. They are,

  • Try to purchase the extended car warranties as soon as possible
  • Don’t purchase the warranty packages that have higher deductibles
  • Customize your warranty packages and understand what the warranty packages demand.
  • Purchase the warranty packages with the better coverage level and additional perks while at the same time avoid landing on the exaggerated policy that you would not need.

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