In what situations the vehicle warranty packages may get invalidated?

Usually, vehicle warranty would provide you with complete protection for your car and save you from expensive repair bills by taking responsibility for it. Whether it may be new or used cars you purchase the warranty plans based on it.

All car warranties are not created equally so their coverage level, pricing and exclusions also differ greatly among different providers.

Whatever may be the warranty plans you choose for your vehicle, you have to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned in the fine print to avoid claim rejection.

The claims can be rejected or your vehicle warranty plans may get invalidated during certain situations that are listed below,

  • There is no doubt that purchasing the extended car warranty packages is the best way to face the unexpected auto repair bills which are constantly rising that can screw up your monthly budget. Without the warranty plans the raising labor and the parts charges will put financial stress on you.
  • Continuously driving your vehicle even after you notice the obvious electrical or mechanical failure without getting in touch with the certified mechanic
  • One of the most important things that may lead to claim rejection is not getting the routine service done as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Getting the repairs done without the proper approval from the warranty company, making use of the non-manufacturer spare parts, and making any modification to your car and the repairs associated with it may cause claim rejection.
  • It may seem to be quite simple but the usage of the wrong fluids or fuels in your car may also lead to claim rejection.
  • Not following your warranty company’s claim procedure properly will lead to claim rejection.

To avoid claim rejection, it is essential to understand the warranty policy while you purchase it. There are certain questions that you must ask before signing the contract that would help you to know more about your warranty company and the policy. Some of the questions are listed below,

  • Are there any limits on the money that you can claim during the warranty period?
  • Do the warranty plans have any additional perks like roadside assistance and towing support?
  • Is there any waiting period after purchasing the warranty to make the claims?
  • Is there any annual or total mileage limit for the warranty plan to be in an active state?
  • Whether this warranty policy covers the full cost of repairs including parts and the labor charge?
  • What is the list of garages where I can get the repair and the replacements done throughout the warranty period?
  • Does the warranty company pay the repair shops directly?
  • Are there any deductibles that come along with every claim that you make during the warranty period?

Ensure that the answers to all the above questions are satisfactory before making a warranty purchase so that you will not regret it in the future and can be in complete peace of mind that your car is well protected.

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