Should you invest money on extended car warranty plans?

Everyone of us would expect to have stress free vehicle maintenance. This can be made possible through the extended car warranty plans. Though there are many ways to offer the best protection for your car, the only way to offer coverage for the wide range of electrical and mechanical components in the long run is an extended car warranty plan in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Before purchasing an extended car warranty, it is important to analyze your car’s condition and requirements to choose the right coverage.

When you purchase the car it usually comes with the factory warranty, but it is usually short lived. Extended car warranty plans take over at this point, saving you from hefty repair bills and offering you complete peace of mind by handling the repair and replacement of covered parts.

Get the resale value of your car boosted

If you want to sell your car in the future, you need to keep your car in good condition without any major repairs. In a pocket-friendly way, extended car warranty plans help to maintain the condition of your car, so that you can get the return that you expect when you plan to sell it.

Having the extended car warranty plans creates the thought among the buyers that you have invested time and effort in taking care of your car. In addition, it provides the buyer with the option to resolve any issues that occur in the car more easily with the extended car warranty plans.

Extended car warranty offers the complete peace of mind

As the car gets older, it is frequently susceptible to the electrical or mechanical components repair and failure. So every owner will have constant frustration and pressure towards the hefty repair bills. In such cases the extended car warranty plans offer complete peace of mind by offering the perfect protection that your car deserves.

A good choice of repair network is readily available with the warranty companies

Most of the reputed car warranty companies have the best choice of repair network with the squad of expert technicians to render better care for your car when any mishaps occur during the extended car warranty period. So that you no need to put your efforts in searching for experienced technicians to handle your car.

Added benefits with the extended car warranty plans is always a boon

Extended car warranty plans from the thirdparty warranty companies in the UAE comes up with the numerous additional benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance, towing service and many

more. This support offers greater help when you are left stranded in the middle of the roads. So make sure the warranty companies offer the additional benefits that you need.

Purchasing the extended car warranty plans on the new car saves your money

If you are planning to purchase the extended car warranty plans for the new car, try to purchase one before the factory warranty ends. This would cut down the cost of the extended warranty purchase. By purchasing extended car warranty plans before the factory warranty expires, you won’t spend days on the road without coverage.

Know the condition of your car and customize your policy as per its needs

Understand the needs and requirements of your car and choose the best coverage level that fits all your requirements. By customizing warranty plans, you can save money and avoid unnecessary expenditures. Besides choosing the over exaggerated policy, selecting the one that meets your demands is the wise idea.

You cannot get an extended car warranty package for a fixed price, since it depends on a number of factors, including the make, model and year of your car, mileage, driving habits, warranty provider, deductible level, and the high-tech complex components in your car. So based on all the above mentioned factors choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Gulf Plus warranties offer the best car warranty service in the UAE rendering the perfect shielding to your vehicle that it deserves.