New cars always come with the standard manufacturer warranty to protect them from expensive repair bills during mechanical or electrical breakdowns. But when you purchase a used car the only way to give perfect shielding to them is through extended warranty packages.

Since used cars require frequent repairs and you need to make trips to the service centers it is always good to have extended warranty packages to reduce your maintenance expenses.

Why should I purchase the extended warranty packages for the used cars?

  • It provides you with complete peace of mind so you can be confident on the roads.
  • Nowadays most warranty providers come up with customized warranty packages so you can choose the level of coverage you want.
  • Certain extended warranty packages come with additional benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance and towing support.
  • Extended warranty packages increase the resale value of your vehicles and in most cases, they can be transferred to the next owners if you plan to sell your vehicle.

While purchasing the extended warranty packages for the used car what are the questions that I should ask myself?

How long has the provider been in this industry? Do they have a long history?

Do they have professional and friendly customer support to answer the queries?

What are the additional perks that come along with the warranty packages?

Do they offer maximum coverage when compared to the competitors at nominal prices?

Is their claims process easy and instant?

When does the coverage begin after purchasing the extended warranty packages?

Is an extended warranty on used cars the best choice?

To say in short, the answer is yes. Extended warranty packages for the used cars provide the maximum coverage for additional kilometers with maximum coverage so you can be stress free and confident on the roads.

Extended warranty packages for used cars provide the protection against the failure of major electrical and mechanical components and expensive parts.

Most independent warranty companies offer plans with different coverage levels at competitive prices for used cars.So properly analyze them and purchase,to get the maximum benefits.

Once you have decided to purchase the extended warranty packages all the factors like warranty limitations, coverage options, servicing options and the cost should be analyzed without any compromises.

Below are some lists of points that will clearly illustrate the importance of extended warranty packages on used cars.

  • Having extended warranty packages for used cars provides long term future protection.
  • It bears most of the expensive repairs to meet your satisfaction.
  • Most importantly when you have the warranty packages, repairs and replacements are effective, comfortable and easier.

Gulf plus warranties, one of the trusted and reputed warranty providers in the UAE, comes up with customized warranty packages for both used and the pre owned vehicles that render maximum protection at affordable prices with an instant claims process.

Get in touch with our warranty advisor to provide your vehicle with better shielding based on the condition of your vehicle and the miles covered by it, so you can be benefited to the maximum extent and be confident on the roads.