As electric vehicles gain huge popularity in the UAE, more consumers are considering them as viable options for their transportation needs. Ultimately rising interest in electric cars leads to a higher demand for the most beneficial EV warranties to protect the investment and provide peace of mind.

Why do we need electric car warranties?

To reduce the annual repair costs of your electric car

Electric vehicles, especially those with advanced battery technology, can be expensive to repair. So having the electric car warranty with battery coverage ensures that if any covered components fail or experience defects during the warranty period, the auto warranty company will bear the cost of repairs or replacements. 

This can save a significant amount of money for the electric car owners.

Improves the resale value of your electric car

Having a transferable car warranty can positively impact the resale value of an electric car. In the secondary market, buyers show interest to purchase a used EV with an active warranty, as it reduces the risk of unexpected repair costs after purchasing.

Peace of mind

Since electric cars are comparatively new to the market when compared to traditional combustion engines, having electric car warranties provides peace of mind to the owners that when something wrong happens with the vehicle it can be sorted out easily without any financial stress.

Few things to remember while purchasing electric car warranties in the UAE

Check for the EV battery coverage

Nowadays there are numerous independent car warranty companies in the UAE offering EV warranties. Some providers even come up with a separate warranty for electric car batteries as they are the most expensive components in such types of vehicles.

So if you are about to purchase an electric car warranty, make sure it comes up with battery coverage. This would help you to tackle the issues in your batteries easily.

Make sure the warranty covers other components that are specific to the EV

A good comprehensive electric car warranty plan must extend its coverage to a few important components like electric motors, power electronics, charging systems, and other mechanical components.

So before signing the electric car warranty contract, check the coverage level and pricing to make sure it matches your budget and needs so that you can get the maximum out of it.

Enquire about warranty transferability

Some who own electric cars may wish to resell them before the warranty period ends. In such a case if the warranty is transferable to the new owners it would be highly beneficial and increases the value of your car.

So make sure the warranty is transferable while purchasing electric car warranties.

Ask about the network of service centers to get the repairs done

To maintain the electric car warranty validly, it is essential to get the repairs and maintenance needed for your car performed only at the authorized facilities by the warranties. So enquire about it and get the list of the service centers to get your vehicle maintenance done as per the manufacturer guidelines.

As an owner does my job end after purchasing the electric car warranties?

The car warranty companies have specific maintenance requirements to keep the EV warranty valid. This includes regular servicing, battery inspections, and adhering to specific charging practices. Be sure to review and follow the recommended maintenance schedule to avoid potential warranty issues and claims rejection.


At Gulf Plus, we have deeper knowledge about electric cars and the needs of electric car owners so our EV warranties are carefully underwritten to meet the needs of our customers in a pocket-friendly way.

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