While Honda are generally known for its reliability and it comes with a factory warranty that offers protection for certain years, it does face some electrical or mechanical failures as the days pass so having the Honda extended car warranty will give you complete peace of mind.

To determine whether the investment is worthwhile, you should research certain things such as what the Honda car warranty covers and how long the protection plan lasts.

Where can I purchase the Honda extended car warranties in the UAE?

Honda extended car warranties can be purchased either from dealerships, manufacturers, or third-party car warranty companies in the UAE. There is no such thing like you should purchase the extended car warranty from the same provider from where you have opted for the current warranty. You can switch over to the new car warranty provider if you are not satisfied with their service.

How much does the Honda car warranties cost in the UAE?

The cost of the Honda warranty depends on the coverage level you choose and the provider you consider. That is why it is always good to get a Honda car warranty quote from at least three providers for the same coverage level that you choose based on the condition of the vehicle and finalize the provider that offers the most comprehensive coverage at nominal prices.

Some of the tips to cut down the cost while purchasing Honda warranties in the UAE are listed below,

  • Try to purchase the extended warranties for your Honda at the earliest before the factory warranty ends because it would cost more at the later stages. If you are planning to keep your car for a long time then it is always good to purchase the Honda extended warranty at the earliest rather than waiting to save more money.
  • Try to avoid opting for the Honda warranty coverage from the provider that comes up with the higher deductibles. Purchasing plans with higher deductibles will lead you to pay more money whenever your car faces any repairs.
  • Honda extended car warranties can range anywhere between a few hundred AED to a few thousand AED, so tailor your warranty policy accordingly. Do not simply adhere to the exaggerated warranty policy without properly analyzing your vehicle’s condition. At the same time do not stick blindly to the basic plan that costs less. Analyze your Honda repair history for the past six months and tailor your coverage based on it. Nowadays many third-party car warranty companies in the UAE offer specifically tailored Honda warranty packages at the most competitive prices than you expect.
  • Always choose the warranty plans that cover both the labor and the parts charges else this would be a huge burden to you in the future.
  • Choose the warranty plans that come with additional perks like recovery support, this would help you to avoid spending additional expenses on recovery in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

Nowadays there are many scams in the extended warranty industry, so proper research is essential to identify the best. Checking the online reviews and analyzing the claim settlement ratio of the warranty company in the past will help you to make the right decision.

What are the benefits of considering MP Warranties for the Honda warranty purchase in the UAE?

Getting the repairs and the replacements needed for your car without the proper authorization from the warranty company may lead to claim rejection and invalidate your warranty. Similarly, as an owner, getting to know the network of service centers where you can get your vehicle repaired is also important.

Keep records of everything you do to your car

In-house service centers: Through the warranty period the repairs and replacement needed for your car can be done at our in-house service center at a faster pace.

Instant claims process: With us, the repairs are authorized immediately and the claims are settled in such a way that you need not pay out from your pockets and wait for the reimbursement to occur.

Roadside assistance: With us, you do not get stressed out during the unfortunate breakdown of your car, you can contact us and stay calm with the confidence that your warranty provider will be at your back to help you out.

Whether you are looking for new car warranty coverage, pre-owned car warranty coverage or the Honda extended warranty plans, MP Warranties is the perfect choice that you can consider without any second thoughts because we do have a huge number of happy customers in the UAE who have benefited with our Honda warranty plans and experienced the hassle-free vehicle maintenance.