The role of the customers does not end with purchasing the car warranty plan, after which they have to be careful and take up some responsibility to keep their car warranty plans valid.

In this blog, some of the important tips to keep your vehicle warranty plans valid are clearly listed below,

Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained as a car owner, to keep your warranty valid

Getting regular maintenance done for your vehicle and keeping it in roadworthy condition while keeping all the service records up to date will help you to keep your warranty packages valid and avoid claim rejection.

Having the service records is the proof for showing to your car warranty company that you have well maintained your car.

Even the smaller things mentioned below have to be done properly as per the manufacturer guidelines,

  • Change the engine oil and the oil filter regularly
  • Pay attention to all the fluids in your car and top up if necessary
  • Getting the tire rotation, wheel alignment and other routine maintenance done is also important.

If you pay attention to all the above and get hassle-free maintenance done for your car then the coverage to your car can be kept valid and the chances of claim denial will be greatly reduced.

Your warranty company should authorize the repairs and replacements of your car

Getting the repairs and the replacements needed for your car without the proper authorization from the warranty company may lead to claim rejection and invalidate your warranty. Similarly, as an owner, getting to know the network of service centers where you can get your vehicle repaired is also important.

Keep records of everything you do to your car

Keeping up records of everything like service, repairs, and the replacements done to your car will help you out in many situations where the claims are rejected stating improper maintenance.

Read the fine print of the car warranty plan you purchase 

Each and every detail like coverage level, exclusions, warranty period, transferability, deductibles, a network of authorized service centers, and all the others will be carefully mentioned in the fine print. So as a potential customer read the fine print carefully before signing the contract.

Reading the fine print carefully will help you to understand everything about the warranty plan to avoid negligence that may invalidate your car warranty plans.

However, a few doubts that arise after checking the fine print must be carefully communicated with the warranty advisor and clear knowledge must be gained to avoid any discrepancies in the future.

Whether you choose a manufacturer or an independent car warranty company, adhering to the rules and regulations of your warranty company will make your warranty period easier and would avoid facing unnecessary claim denial.

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