A new car warranty is generally a contract signed by a car owner and a dealership or a factory. Its purpose is to cover repairs of the car that occur due to an accident or mechanical issue in the car. Sometimes the unforeseen repair costs are quite expensive to handle. New car warranties play a key role in such circumstances to cover the extra costs incurred. Despite the existence of a new car warranty to cover your car, there are certain misconceptions regarding it. These misconceptions have been drafted so well to portray a gray side of the new car warranties. They mislead car owners from buying a new car warranty. 

Gulf Plus warranties, clearly state that a new car warranty is vital for your car care, and here is why. 

Common misconceptions about new car warranty : 

  1. Only the manufacturer can provide a warranty 

Various companies offer the so-called aftermarket or new car warranty. These are a perfect coverage that offers warranty coverage for the mechanical parts of the new cars. 

In short, these are like insurance policies that are similar to cover the accident damages. In this case, the accident may occur within the engine or gearbox or in the brakes or suspension. These warranties give the buyer of a car, peace of mind but at a price of course. 

  1. All car warranties are the same

It is not true. There are many kinds of new car warranties offered by different warranty providers. There are various warranties with different types of coverage. Some warranties are offered by direct providers while others come through dealers. Each warranty has its terms & conditions and clauses which indicate the service costs it covers. 

  1. New car warranties have a long and challenging claim process.

It is completely based on zero facts. It is believed that the process of claim acquisition is lengthy and tiresome. Initially, you call customer care to initiate the claim process, your details are checked and confirmed to know whether your claim is valid.  A field officer visits your place to verify the claim and sends a technician who visits to fix your car problem. Such long processes can be avoided. With zero paperwork at Gulf Plus Warranties, we assure the fastest claiming process with nil paperwork. Just call us and enjoy this benefit for your car warranties.

  1. They don’t offer extensive coverage.

 It’s just a myth, that new car warranties from dealers give only less and limited coverage compared to the manufacturer warranty. The plans that come under the new car warranty extend beyond the manufacturer’s warranty when it comes to coverage. New car warranties have clauses such as bumper-to-bumper which covers all repairs and maintenance in the car.

  1. 5. New Cars Don’t Need a Warranty

Car owners who hold a new car assume they don’t need a warranty coverage but there are benefits of getting extra protection with a new car warranty. The earlier you avail a new car warranty the more affordable it is. It is similar to getting life insurance, premiums are less the earlier you buy.

Also, certain new car warranties come with advantages that factory warranties don’t cover. Most of the new cars don’t cover maintenance service, however extended warranty covers battery replacement, alignment service, and other maintenance and repair services which you may have to pay despite holding a car warranty.

Let’s conclude that buying a new car is a joy and pride you can never forego but with that excitement never miss signing up for a new car warranty too.

Over the years, new car warranties have been very less in the thoughts of new car owners due to the misconceptions surrounding it. Don’t be open to such false facts and lose your hard-earned money. Get yourself a new car warranty and take a safe ride. 

We are a Trustworthy Car Warranty Company in the UAE 

At Gulf Plus, we offer new car warranties with no place for any such misconceptions. We focus on providing comprehensive coverage to your new dream car and promise unlimited joy of driving.  Our 24/7 service team will be available to assist you round the clock. 

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