Can the extended car warranty plans be transferred while trading?

The extended car warranties may or may not be transferred depending upon the warranty provider you choose. The possibility for the transferability of your extended car warranty is generally mentioned on the warranty contract which you can check on.

Nowadays numerous independent car warranty providers offer customized extended car warranty packages that can be transferred to new owners. This is one of the major advantages of considering third-party car warranty companies for your purchase.

When I sell my car, what happens to the extended warranty?

As a first step, read through the fine print carefully or talk to your warranty company. If the extended warranty is transferable remember it offers a greater advantage while trading by increasing the resale value of your car.

You should also learn about warranty transferability while you are buying extended warranty plans for your car before signing the contract, as it could be helpful if you plan to trade your car during the warranty period. So think smarter and try to get an instant quote from two or more warranty companies that allow the transfer of warranty while trading and choose the one that satisfies you with a good reputation in the market while retaining trust and transparency.

How does the extended warranty transfer process work?

Transferring the extended warranty that you purchased from the third-party car warranty company to the new owner may need some effort from you and its time sensitive.

If you want to transfer your extended warranty to the new owner while selling the car, you can expect some administrative charges and certain paperwork. Make sure you have all documents regarding the car and the buyer along with the proof of maintenance and services to make the warranty title transfer easier. Receipt of transfer of ownership of the car to the new owner is also required.

When you contact your warranty company with all the above-mentioned details you may have the warranty transferability done in a few days. After which the new owner can enjoy the same level of coverage to your car as enjoyed by the previous owner.

Some warranty providers require certain things to do during the warranty period to get your warranty transferred if you plan to trade your car unexpectedly.

  • Repairs and replacements should be done only by the authorized mechanic in the past throughout the warranty period
  • Routine maintenance like oil changes and inspections must be done and their records should be kept
  • The warranty should not have been misused in the past

In most cases, if the terms and conditions of the warranty plans that you purchased state, warranty transferability is possible, it can be done smoothly without any sort of hidden charges to the new owner.

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