The number of people investing in car warranties or extended car warranties to provide long-term coverage for their cars is gradually increasing. But many of us think that as a vehicle owner, our job ends with purchasing a car warranty. But it is not true.

As a potential car owner, you must take up certain maintenance tasks and look after a few other parameters to keep your car warranty valid and enjoy its coverage for a long time.

Performing certain actions or conditions due to negligence can potentially void or invalidate your car warranty. So it is crucial to understand those factors to avoid warranty invalidation or claim rejection.

Here are some common factors that may invalidate your car warranty:

Never skip routine maintenance 

Neglecting routine maintenance, such as oil changes, fluid checks, and other scheduled services specified in your owner’s manual, can invalidate your warranty. So it is always good to take up the routine services as per the manufacturer guidelines and have clear service history records to avoid claim rejection stating improper maintenance.

Failure to keep records of maintenance and repairs, including receipts and invoices, may make it difficult to prove that the vehicle has been properly maintained, potentially leading to warranty issues.

Use genuine spares & fluids approved by your manufacturer

Installing aftermarket parts or using fluids that are not approved by the manufacturer can void your warranty if any repairs arise due to it. This is why most service advisors always advise using parts and fluids that meet the manufacturer’s specifications without fail.

Never modify your car on your own

Trying to perform major repairs or modifications on your car on your own without professional assistance can void your warranty in many cases. In some cases performing certain after-purchase modifications like adding up infotainment systems or any other that alter the original specifications of the vehicle may also invalidate warranty coverage.

Address the warning lights immediately

Ignoring warning lights or unusual noises and continuing to drive the vehicle without addressing potential issues can lead to warranty avoidance. If you notice any budding problems in your car, address them immediately before they turn out to be the major ones.

Never use your car other than for intended purposes

Damage resulting from accidents or negligence such as off-road driving, may not be covered by the warranty. Always use the vehicle according to its intended purpose and report any accidents promptly. It is even good to avoid overloading your car as it increases the strain on your vehicle. 

Prefer only authorized repair shops

Having repairs or services performed by unauthorized mechanics or service centers can void your warranty. Always choose authorized dealerships or a network of service centers approved by your warranty providers to ensure that repairs are performed according to manufacturer specifications.

Heading on to local mechanics that are not approved by the warranty company can invalidate your car warranty.

Avoid malpractices

 Tampering with the odometer to misrepresent the vehicle’s mileage is illegal and can void your warranty. Accurate mileage records are often required for warranty claims.

What is the one thing you must do if your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty?

Ignoring or neglecting to address recall repairs specified by the manufacturer can potentially void your warranty. Manufacturers often issue recalls to address safety or performance issues, and addressing them is typically covered under warranty. So never forget to get the recalls done for your car if you are still under manufacturer warranty.


  • It’s essential to carefully review the terms and conditions of your warranty and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid claim rejection or warranty invalidation.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding filing claims or the repair process, ask your car warranty provider clearly before signing the warranty contract.
  • Follow the good driving habits to get maximum benefit out of your car warranties.


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