Investing in the new car warranty plan is a smart way to handle the expensive repair bills when something unexpected occurs to certain electrical or mechanical components in your car. Are you the one looking out to purchase the warranty for your new car, then check this out.

In Dubai, like in many other places, the factors that can affect your new car warranty may include the following:

Terms & conditions

The warranty from the different providers may come with specific conditions, limitations, and coverage periods. It’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of the warranty offered by your provider so that you can receive maximum benefit from it

Warranty Duration

The duration of the warranty can vary depending on the provider, the plan you choose, and the specific model. So it is important to be aware of the duration of the warranty coverage for your new car.

Network of service centers

Most car warranties require that any repairs or maintenance be carried out only at the network of service centers where they approve. Failure to use those service centers could void your warranty. Make sure to use only the stipulated service centers for any repairs or maintenance during the warranty period.

Regular maintenance

Proper and timely maintenance of your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s guidelines is often a requirement to maintain warranty coverage. Failing to adhere to that maintenance schedule may void your warranty claims.

Unauthorized modifications 

Making modifications or alterations to your vehicle that are not approved by the manufacturer can affect your warranty. If any issues arise due to those modifications, the warranty coverage may be invalidated in such scenarios.

Negligence or misuse

If the car has been subjected to neglect, abuse, or misuse, such as improper maintenance, off-road driving not recommended by the manufacturer, or exceeding the vehicle’s maximum load capacity, it may impact the warranty coverage.


Some warranties are transferable to subsequent owners, while some cannot be transferred. If you plan to sell the vehicle before the warranty expires, check if the warranty can be transferred to the new owner. The truth is that a transferable warranty increases the resale value of your car to a greater extent

It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of your new car warranty to understand the specific factors that can affect its coverage.¬†

If you have any queries it is always good to talk with your warranty advisor and get it cleared before signing the warranty contract.

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