There would have been many reasons why you have started considering the extended warranty packages to provide better shielding to your car. After purchasing it some would have found it most beneficial and some would have left it unused. This is most probably true if your car is new and the factory warranty has not been completed.

But when it comes to the used or pre-owned cars, having the extended warranty packages would be a savior and gives you complete peace of mind despite the rising auto repair costs.

Some of the important reasons why extended warranty packages are essential for the used cars are listed below,

  • Your car is not new anymore and you would face some minor or major issues every now and then and would make frequent trips to your service center. In such cases, the money you sent towards your car maintenance is quite high and having the extended warranty packages for the used cars will reduce your financial burden.
  • Most of the independent warranty companies in the UAE provide 24/7 roadside assistance and towing support with their warranty packages which would be highly beneficial in case you face an unexpected electrical or mechanical breakdown in the future.
  • The thought that any unexpected repair of the covered parts can be claimed easily, gives you complete peace of mind so you can be confident on the roads.

Raising costs of auto repairs and extended warranty packages

Since modern cars nowadays are computer oriented and have huge complicated electrical and mechanical systems, the auto repair costs associated with them are quite high. Another important reason is that people nowadays show interest in keeping the car for a longer time, so as the cars get older they major repair jobs frequently which increases the annual auto repair cost to a considerable extent.

The only way to lower your annual maintenance cost without the fear of raising repair costs especially for the used or preowned vehicles is only through the extended warranty packages.

Whatever may be the situation whether you have bought the used car or the manufacturer warranty period of your new car has expired, the extended warranty packages will give perfect protection to your car and safeguard you from the unexpected hefty repair bills.

In what ways Gulf Plus stands unique in providing extended warranty packages for new and used cars?

  • Being one of the leading car warranty providers in the UAE we come up with different coverage levels for both the new and the used cars.
  • Experienced warranty advisor and professional customer service team to answer all your queries throughout the warranty period.
  • Most of the major mechanical components like gearbox, engine, transmission, electrical system and many others are covered by our warranty packages.
  • Along with the additional perks like 24/7 roadside assistance, towing support and the breakdown assistance our warranty packages for both the new and the used cars are reasonably priced.

If you have decided to purchase the extended warranty for your used car then try to find answers to the below questions?

Is your car already under the warranty period?

How long will you be covered when you purchase the extended warranty packages you choose?

What is covered and excluded with the packages you choose?

Can you transfer the extended warranty plan if I decide to sell my car in between the warranty period?

Can I manage the regular periodical maintenance like oil changes, timing belt replacements and others since they are not covered by extended warranty plans?

Tips to purchase the extended warranty packages

  • It is not necessary to purchase the extended warranty plans on the same day you buy a car, you can postpone it to later since you have a manufacturer warranty to protect your car. In case of a used car, check their history and make sure they are not covered before purchasing another warranty plan.
  • Purchasing the extended warranty packages does not mean regular periodical maintenance can be skipped. Follow the periodical maintenance schedule of your car as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Purchasing the extended warranty packages may confuse you if you are under the manufacturer warranty period, but when you purchase a used or pre owned vehicle having the extended warranty packages is a great deal with plenty of benefits.

If you are in search of the best used car extended warranty package in the UAE contact Gulf Plus warranties, take time to read about our coverage level and pricing. You will be amazed to get the maximum coverage at competitive prices.

Talk with our warranty advisor, and find the best used or preowned car warranty plans that suit all your needs and requirements with the easy claims process so that you no need to pay out from your pockets and can be stress-free when something mishaps occur.