Purchasing the warranty protection plans for your car is the bigger task but nowadays it is made even easier as there are numerous independent car warranty providers arising across the UAE to provide customers with customized car warranty plans that act as a better fit with the condition of your vehicle and the budget.

Among the numerous providers available it is essential to choose the most reliable and trustworthy car warranty company in the UAE so that we can be stress-free during the entire warranty provider.

We Gulf Plus Warranties are one such car warranty company in the UAE providing warranty coverages for all make and models of cars at competitive pricing, making vehicle maintenance easier than you think.


Our coverage level exceeds your expectation

 A reliable car warranty provider typically offers comprehensive coverage that includes a wide range of mechanical and electrical components. So that the owners need to worry about the maintenance of the expensive components in their cars.

At Gulf Plus Warranties, we make sure all the important components like the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, air conditioning system, and all other critical electrical and mechanical components are covered by our car warranty plans.

We maintain transparency in all aspects

Anyone who purchases a car warranty should be clear of certain things like inclusions, exclusions, deductibles, coverage length, and pricing. We Gulf Plus warranty are highly transparent and make sure our customer receives all forms of the above information without any delay with the proper explanation.

With us, there are no hidden charges other than the deductibles and the administrative charges mentioned in the fine print of our car warranties.

The speedy and hassle-free claims process

While purchasing the car warranties what people expect the most is to have a hassle-free claims process. As one of the leading car warranty companies in the UAE, our claims process is very simple with less paperwork, and repair authorization is super quick than you think, so we ultimately remove the additional stress from you when there a breakdowns or accidents.

Reputable firm with satisfied customers

Getting warranty coverage from a reputable firm with a good claim settlement ratio in the past along with a huge list of satisfied customers is a must to be at peace throughout the warranty period.

At Gulf Plus Warranties we have a huge number of customers who are satisfied with our car warranty plans and are now enjoying hassle-free vehicle maintenance. Our financial stability is also good, with perfect and instant claim settlement for our customers.

Efficient customer service is our key

An organization that has an efficient customer support team and follows a customer-centric approach in all aspects would reach greater heights. In such a way, we at Gulf Plus Wattantis have a professional customer service team to answer all the needs of our customers throughout the warranty period which takes us closer to the customers.

Our warranty plans are highly flexible

Purchasing flexible and specifically tailored car warranty plans based on the condition of your vehicle and the budget helps you to get the maximum benefit out of it. We offer numerous plans with various coverage levels, lengths, and deductible options which makes us one of the premier car warranty companies in the UAE.

Well-established in-house service centers are an added advantage

When you purchase car warranties from us, throughout the warranty period you can get your vehicle serviced by expert technicians, so there is no doubt that your vehicle will receive the premium care than you think.


  • Before selecting a car warranty provider, it’s essential to research and compare different options available for you to make the warranty purchase.
  • Never fail to check the reviews and testimonials or ask for recommendations from your friends and families

If you are interested in making yourself your car warranty partner, just dial 971 542 508 099. We will get the complete details about your car and provide you with the best warranty plans so that you can be confident on the roads with the thought that we are at your back to handle your financial stress when something wrong occurs.