Get the Affordable electric car warranty packages in UAE with Gulf Plus Warranties

  Electric car service, repair & warranties are gearing up among the third-party warranty providers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We are one of the trusted electric car warranty providers among them to provide better shielding for your electric car at the most competitive prices when compared to others  

Why do I need electric car warranty packages in the UAE?

  Electric or hybrid vehicles have become one of the major parts nowadays, though their maintenance is easy when compared to the traditional fuel cars due to the absence of certain mechanical components they do have some important components like rechargeable batteries, electric motors, and others, which gets damaged over the course of time and would demand hefty repair bills when considering repairing or replacing it. It is always better to have an electric vehicle warranty so that you can be in complete peace of mind that you are covered.  

Are electric car batteries covered under warranty?

To make your electric or hybrid vehicle ownership easier we offer the best coverage for your electric car including protection for the lithium-ion battery for 8 years, steering, front and rear suspension, air conditioning and the heating system are covered for up to 3 years. We do have numerous electric car warranty plans with different coverage levels, so you can get in touch with our warranty advisor and find the best fit for both the condition of your vehicle and the budget.  

Why consider Gulf Plus Warranties for your electric vehicle warranty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

  • Coverage is extended to all the important components of the electric car
  • In most cases, speedy and same-day repairs are assured from our in-house service centers by electric vehicle specialists
  • Instant claim process so that you no need to pay out from your pockets when it comes to repairing or replacement of the covered components of the electric vehicle
  • Getting an online electric vehicle warranty quote is easy with us and the additional benefits like roadside assistance and towing support are guaranteed