Extended Car Warranty 

Not Just Warranty- It’s a Promise to Protect !!!

Your Car Repair Bills is Not Yours Anymore – We’ll Take Care of It !!!

At Gulf Plus Warranties, every customer is our responsibility. As your extended car warranty partner, we offer comprehensive coverage to your car enabling it to perform phenomenally in the long run. We not only offer wide coverage for expenses on varied car repair services but also assist you with premium services from experienced mechanics.  When you sign up for an extended warranty program at Gulf Plus Warranties, enjoy protection against all kinds of repairs & replacement costs for your car based on the packages you choose.

Gulf Plus Warranties 

Exceptional Service – Backed by Assurance  Get Your Extended Car Warranty Quote Now!!! An extended warranty is an ideal choice to opt for once the manufacturer warranty of your car has come to an end. They can be purchased anytime during the vehicle lifespan and the coverage level, length, and pricing may differ based on the extended car warranty plans you choose. The price of the extended car warranty plans is a bit lower when you purchase it before the factory warranty period ends after which the extended warranty coverage becomes quite expensive.
WARRANTY TYPE Premium PlusPremiumComplimentary
Battery (for hybrid cars)
Transmission (Manual & Automatic)
Air Conditioning
Drive Axle (Front & Rear)
Turbocharger/Supercharger Unit (Factory fitted)
Engine cooling system
Air Conditioning (Heating components)
Torque Converter
Continuously Variable Transmission CTX
Front Wheel Drive
Rear Wheel Drive
4 Wheel Drive Vehicle
Fuel Systems (Diesel and Petrol)
Steering (Including PAS)
Anti-locking Brake System
Working Materials